Recent Outreach Events (2018-Present)

University Day

We hosed University Day at our school for surrounding FIRST teams of all levels. We had many guest speakers and presentations on many things from how to complete your robot on time to how to use FIRST in your college application process.  

Shaker Pines Block Party

We showed off Davis at the Shaker Pines block party to the residents in and around Shaker Pines. We had many demos of Davis as well as getting some free ice cream. The children loved being involved and seeing a robot in action.

Family Day

As a team, we showed off Davis to the town of Enfield during Family Day on the town green. Many families got to see Davis in action and many children participated by feeding Davis cargo so we could show the robot off. 

4th of July Parade 

We showed off our team as well as Davis during our town-wide 4th of July parade. We decorated our float, brought awareness of our team to the town, and even got in some good exercise!

Board of Education 

Some Buzz students and mentors went to the Enfield Board of Education meeting to present about the team. We shared what we do and how we function as a team. We also gave some insight on FIRST and how we overcame some of the challenges we faced. 

The video can be found here: https://youtu.be/LUieCisjBtA?t=67 

8th Grade Step Up

The 8th graders from JFK Middle School come to EHS to see what fun things we have to offer. Buzz gave a presentation about the team and what we do so students had the opportunity to decide if they want to get involved!

Food Drive 

Soon after we finished the competition season, we held our annual Buzz Robotics food drive to support the Enfield Food Shelf. The food drive was headed up by one of our seniors. In addition to having collection boxes at the school, we also held a food collection at Shaker Pines Lake.

Setting up the field in Hartford

Students volunteered at Hartford High School to set up the field for the Hartford District Event. Students learned how to build an FRC field and the components involved in operating a FIRST Competition. 

Program of Studies

Every year at EHS in the spring, a Program of Studies night is held to show incoming freshmen what clubs, activities, and courses are available at the high school. The students can bring their families and ask if Buzz would be right for them. The robot is always a hit to grab the attention of the students and parents!

Springfield FIRST LEGO League Qualifier

Several team members helped out at the Springfield Qualifiers FIRST Lego league competition. Four of our mentors helped with judging which helped decide which teams received awards. We also had students participate at 

Waterbury District Event

In early 2020, some of our team members went to volunteer at the 2020 Waterbury FRC District Event. Our team's volunteers worked as field re-setters, practice field attendants, dean's list judges, and safety glasses attendants to help the event run smoothly. 

Hosting Pasta Supper

Every year during build season, Buzz puts together a big pasta dinner event for our local community. The team sets up, cooks, holds raffles and serves food and drinks to visitors. This event is always very popular within the town and great for team exposure.

Volunteering @ FTC

This year in February, some of our team members got to volunteer at a local FTC Regional Competition at Windsor High School. Our team took up roles as judges, queuers, and field re-setters at the event. 

Six Flags Demo

Buzz had the opportunity to visit Six Flags New England in 2019 to demonstrate our 2019 robot to the park-goers. The team got to take pictures with some super heroes and villains and even got to ride one of the new roller coasters!

Big E Parade

Right after school started this year, Buzz was asked to walk in a parade on the Big E Fairground to show off our team spirit and robot to the crowd. We enjoyed hearing the tech-positive cheers from the crowd!

Westover Air Show

In the summer of 2018, some team members went to demonstrate the 2018 Buzz Robot, "Buzz 24" from the Power Up game at the Westover Air Show in Chicopee, Massachusetts. We showed off along with a few other teams to spread the message of STEM.

Field Clean Up

Annually, after a UCONN game is played, Buzz goes to clean up the Rentschler Field Stadium. The team works together to remove trash from the stadium and have fun in the company of teammates along the way.   

Volunteering @ WNE

In 2019, some of our team members and mentors went to volunteer at the 2019 Western New England FRC District Event. It was hard work but  a great opportunity to understand the game better!

Accreditation Visit

When the New England Association of Schools and Colleges came on an accreditation visit to our school, Buzz was more than happy to talk about the program to the visitors and demonstrate our 2018 robot!

Freshman Orientation

Right before school started in August of 2019, a few representatives from our team went to demonstrate our 2019 robot to the incoming freshman to catch the attention of possible team members, and to talk to them about what Buzz has to offer to new students looking to get involved in something.

Trip to visit FLL Team

In fall of 2019, Buzz and the Electric Eagles (our school's FTC team) went to visit an FLL team at a local middle school in our town. We helped them get comfortable presenting their script, looked over their programming, and talked to them about high school robotics.

Hazardville Memorial

Before summer of 2019, Buzz had the opportunity to visit a local elementary school to demonstrate our robot, answer questions and inspire children to look into FIRST programs. The kids really enjoyed playing catch with our robot!

Eli Whitney

Close to our trip to Hazardville Memorial, Buzz got to visit another local elementary school to give a presentation, answer questions, and get the children curious about STEM. Cargo makes an excellent attention-getter!

Library Demo

On October 27th, Buzz Robotics ran a demo at the Enfield Annex where we demonstrated the robot to interested families during the Enfield Library Book Sale. Kids were able to interact with the robot during the demonstration and got to learn how it works. To make this possible, we partnered with the Friends of the Library.

Enfield Family Day

During the Enfield Family Day event on September 17th, Buzz Robotics set up a booth where students showcased one of our robots. This allowed interested families to interact with Davis and get a preview of robotics. In addition, we reached out to potential sponsors during the event.

Shakers Pine Lake

On July 1st, Buzz Robotics students and mentors went to Shaker Pines Lake to participate in their neighborhood parade. The team brought our 2023 robot, Meatball II, with us for the march to show it to the local community.  Additionally, the Buzz team won a prize for the most original presentation!

Town of Enfield Parade

On July 8th, Buzz Robotics mentors and students marched in the Enfield parade along with Meatball II. Our goal was to show off our robot to the Enfield community, especially interested kids. Additionally, it was an opportunity for our team to interest potential sponsors.